Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fun at work

During the school year I only worked a couple hours a week but for the past month, I have been working full time. The ladies I work with are no longer just co-workers but they have become some of my good friends.
There is a girl named Dallas and she sometimes wears her hair up ontop of her head and it looks like a beehive. A couple Fridays ago, some of us decided to wear our hair just like hers. When Dallas saw our hair she used some choice words but she thought it was funny. And Dr. Kyler thought it was funny too!

The other day, Tosha was trying to load some brackets but everyone was trying to get stuff out of the drawers that she was sitting by. We made this sign and turned on the flasher. Beware of wild beast!

Samantha had a baby shower a couple Saturdays ago so we all decided we would go and where something zebra. Some of the girls couldnt make it but we still had a good time. Im so excited to meet little Sophie Marie :)
As you can see some of us embraced the zebra idea! Thanks Tosha for not letting me down!

Dallas called in sick one tuesday becuase she had pink eye. She felt better on Wednesday but on Thursday it had jumped to the other eye. It looked terrible! So we put out heads together and came up with a solution, an eye patch! We used a dry angle, a rubberband, a stapler, and Shannons artistic skills.

Brittaney had the duty of watering the plant and she could barely keep it alive. She passed on her duty to Dallas and now the plant has a little flower. Yes, we got excited over a little flower :)
I'm so glad I have gotten to know these ladies better. They are so much fun and great co-workers. We will have so much fun when I get back in August!

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